Prevention, Recognition and Treatment

Whether you are seasoned athletes, mere exercise enthusiasts, or first-timers, the likelihood of injury remains ever-present. The  fitness professional (SIS) is often the first person in a position to recognize an injury, or better still, instruct you on proper techniques to avoid injury altogether.

The fitness professional (SIS) is able to promptly recognize an injury can ensure that you seek timely appropriate medical care to minimize downtime from training – this objective is in your best health interests and, in turn, the best business interests of the fitness professional (SIS).

In addition to clients that develop injuries during training or participation in their chosen athletic pursuit, many potential clients are suffering from pre-existing injuries. A client is more apt to choose a fitness professional (SIS) that is more knowledgeable about a particular injury, ailment, or condition. The fitness professional (SIS) in possession of this knowledge is poised to increase his or her client base, referrals, and respect.

(SIS) = Sports Injury Specialist

The  fitness professional (SIS) often the first person in a position to recognize an injury, or better still, instruct you on proper techniques to avoid injury altogether.

Athletes of all ages and Good Posture

Virtually all world class athletes in sports which require significant physical performance have good posture all the time
, not just when they are competing in their sport. From sprints to long distance running to power lifting, the best in the world have head-up, shoulders back, chest out posture, all the time.

The reason for this is that the muscle development and flexibility which produce proper posture also produce the the most muscular strength and endurance, the best force development for throwing, hitting, kicking, etc., the most efficient movement capabilities in general, and the best cardiovascular and pulmonary functions.

Anyone who has a bad posture that is the least bit round-shouldered, shrug-shouldered, slouchy, or forward head, will never reach their physical potential.
Correct posture is the result of correct flexibility and muscle strength balances, as developed by the SAETHFIT TBHF program, is absolutely necessarily for any athlete who wants to be the best that she or he can be, at any age!

Good Posture and Sports

Sports Injuries by Sports

Sports Examples:

Running, Cycling, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Volleyball,Tennis, Hockey, Skiing, Rugby, etc....
(We cover all the sports)

Common Running Injuries (Example)

Runners Knee (Iliotibial band syndrome)

Shin Splints

Anterior Compartment Syndrome

Achilles Tendinitis

Plantar Fasciitis

Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome

Snapping Hip

Running Injuries Prevention

Running injuries are very specific due to the repetitive nature of the sport. Injuries are caused either by the bodies own intrinsic factors or by extrinsic factors.
The body works on a closed chain system when running i.e. when the foot is in contact with the ground, the forces and mechanics are transmitted along the leg to the spine. This is repeated every step and means if anywhere along this chain is out of line then potential injuries can happen.

Warm up

Cool Down

Sports Massage


Nutrition and Hydration


We address all your needs to make you train smart, stay healthy, and perform to the best of your abilities!








Are you a deconditioned athlete?
Based on our knowledge and expertise in human movement science, we can help you develop an injury prevention and recovery  program.

Sports Injury Specialist (SIS) Functions

The  fitness professional (SIS) often the first person in a position to recognize an injury, or better still, instruct you on proper techniques to avoid injury altogether.

Specialist Functions Description

Your Sport?

The Complete Athlete!

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Advices on training smarter, better and how to stay injury free from US Elite Professional Athletes. (olympians and medalist):

Ritzenhein’s - Matt Tegenkemp - Alan Webb - Shalane Flanagan - Bernard Lagat - Kara Goucher  

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