Our 3-STEPS Program to a Better Posture

Is Your Spine In Line?

A Posture Number of zero means the body is in a neutral alignment and the pull of Gravity is evenly distributed throughout the body, especially the spine and it's supporting muscles.

As a person's Posture Number' increases so do the physical effects of Gravity.

The spine is now asked to carry loads for which it was not designed.

Symptoms from this additional stress can range from tension headaches to chronic low back pain.

If left untreated,

a High Posture Number can lead to spinal immobility, joint pain, muscle weakness and even degenerative joint disease.

A simple test, using digital pictures and computer software, can quickly and accurately determine your Posture Number based on the results,further tests may be required to determine the best treatment course to get you back to optimal performance and health.

It’s obvious to even the casual observer that the posture profiles shown in the pictures on the left place unusual stresses on muscles, ligaments and joints.
In addition, the changes in the
Center of Mass and the Center of Gravity triggers the body’s balance system to work overtime.

Where does the extra energy needed for this requirement come from?

Is it diverted from other Systems leading to a state of disease?

Posture can help make the diagnosis and track progress.

Center of Mass and Center of Gravity

What’s Your Posture Number?

Don't Ignore These Important Warning Signs
•Neck Stiffness or Pain
•Low Back Pain, Ache or Stiffness
•Pain or Numbness in Arm, Hands
•Pain, Numbness in Legs, Feet
*Painful or Stiff Wrists
•Painful or Stiff Elbows or Other Joints
You fill out an online questionnaire, and send it along with requested photos or video.
Once analysed, a customised program is send to you with a complete exercise program to fit your needs, and addresses your posture, and any related issues.
If needed we’ll refer you to a specialist to address your issues further more.  
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Consult your physician before starting any exercise or nutrition program!
Feel Better

3- Exercise Prescription: (examples)

 Exercises for the Cervical Spine:

· Range of motion

· Isometric for strengthening

· Flexibility

· Active resistive

 Exercises for the Back:

· Back Flexibility (Flexibility and Joint Mobility)

· Low Back Strength

· Abdominal Strength

1- Is Your Spine In Line?

 The early warning signs of abnormal spinal curvatures (scoliosis) can now be detected using a new computer aided video analysis system.

Common causes of spinal curvatures:

 Forward head posture; Unleveled pelvis-Pelvic misalignment; Misaligned vertebrae; Poor muscle tone;  Muscle imbalance; Poor posture in standing, sitting and sleeping; Feet turned out in walking; Arch problem in feet; Lax ligaments.

2- Computer Spinal Screening:

 Poor posture is not a condition, but an indication of muscle imbalances or hidden spinal curvatures that  can cause a number of serious problems. This computer detection system can help a person recognize the extent of their problem, if any.

 Using a digital camera and the power of the computer, it is possible to detect and calculate the extent of bad posture (scoliosis…)

 This technology may eliminate the need to x-ray at re-exam time.


Computer Spinal Screening

Abnormal Spinal Curvatures

Exercise Prescription

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