1.Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) Assessment:

If losing weight and keeping it off is your primary concern, SAETHFIT offers the Weight Loss Training Program with New Leaf’s Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) assessment.
The RMR assessment is performed while resting comfortably in a chair and takes as few as 10 to 15 minutes. The measurements obtained establish your resting caloric needs, and the energy efficiently used - the precise number of calories your body needs to maintain its basic functions. With this information you'll know how many calories your body needs to help you limit the calories you consume to lose the inches you want.
2.Body Composition Testing:  

Bio-impedance: body fat and weight measurement. It’s fast, consistent, accurate and easy to use. Body composition analyzer/scale provide detailed body composition analysis - weight, impedance, body fat %, body mass index, fat mass, fat-free mass and more, all without the inconvenience of more intrusive traditional measurement methods.    
3.Nutrition Module:

Losing weight and keeping it off involves more than just restricting calories and increasing exercise.  Proper nutrition, healthy eating habits and behavioral changes also play an important role.
Your Weight Loss/Maintenance/Gain/Performance Training program:  The module begins with an appraisal.  Your responses generate short-term and long-term goals and develop the most appropriate meal plan for your needs. It also creates a series of reports that graphically show your current health status compared to goal values, your targeted objectives and a list of dietary recommendations and guidelines.
To help achieve your goals, the Nutrition Module offers a series of kits with pertinent topics on nutrition such as: What and how much to eat, Meal planning, Healthy cooking, Dining out, How to deal with “slips” or “setbacks”.

Analysis: Daily Nutrients / Dietary
Meal Planner / Grocery List
Reports: Body Measurements / Body Composition / Goals & Tracking Progress / Exercise Planner & Recorder / Workouts with videos

Diaries are available and are used to record your daily food servings – no need for tedious calorie counting.  At the end of the program a follow up assessment measures and reports your progress.
SAETHFIT Nutrition Module emphasizes an individualized, permanent dietary and nutritional change.  When used with proper exercise, the program follows a proven process that leads to an ideal weight and helps you look and feel better.
4.Exercise Metabolic (EMR) Assessment:
(Your metabolism response to exercise)

The EMR assessment is simple, comfortable and takes only a matter of minutes.
The EMR assessment is performed during an easy workout on a treadmill, stationary bike, or other cardio exercise equipment.
Afterwards, we will provide you with a full report that accurately identifies your aerobic fitness and optimal exercise intensity levels. Emphasizing your precise Fat Burning / Cardio / Performance Zone.
The report is used to create your customized program that will help you achieve your personal goals: Weight Management / Cardio / Performance.
Your individualized program enables you to exercise at the intensity levels at which you are most efficient in burning stored fat, improving your cardiovascular fitness, and/or performance.
Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) Assessment
Body Composition Testing
Exercise Metabolic (EMR) Assessment
“A Ten Minute Assessment...
That Will Change Your Life”
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Consult your physician before starting any exercise or nutrition program!
If losing weight and keeping it off...
Needing energy or just eating healthy is your primary concern.....
With your personal weight management program from SAETHFIT, you will enjoy the convenience and privacy of receiving custom diet plans, tools and resources through your desktop computer. Your individually tailored program is the equivalent to having your own personal dietitian without the high cost and inconvenience.

NO MORE EXCUSES! Take your first step right now by creating your
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