Abdel Amrouche

Amateur Soccer Player, Martial Artist (Judo), Triathlete.

SAETHFIT founder & owner.  Experienced in METABOLISM TESTING for, weight loss, weight gain, cardiovascular fitness and performance programs.
Degree in Biology, Pre-med education
Certified Personal Trainer
Sports Injury Specialist
Certified Weight Management Counselor
Tai Chi Instructor
Functional Training
Sports Hypnosis

Michelle Schirra, MS is the  Director of the DietMaster Web  Consulting Services Group and a  retired IFBB Pro Women’s  Fitness athlete who has  developed hundreds of diet and  exercise programs and has  provided hundreds of clients with expertise in nutrition, health and wellness-related areas.

Dr. Diane Spindler, PhD Is a  board certified naturopathic  doctor who specializes in  nutrition counseling and  metabolic balancing.  Dr. Spindler  participates in meal plan design  and review and is a director on
 the Health Advisory Panel.

Kimberly A. Tessmer, RD LD is  a registered and licensed  dietitian, on the Board of  Lifestyles Technologies, Inc.,  Kimberly participates in meal  plan design and metabolic  balancing of macronutrients and  micronutrients. As a registered dietitian she approves programs to be consistent with guidelines that result in safe and healthy weight loss.

Dr. Thomas Generalovich, MD,
Director of the Coronary Care unit  at Mercy Hospital of Pittsburgh,  had this to say about the  DietMaster program.
“This dietary program provides  each person with individualized  guidelines for a heart-healthy,  and nutritionally balanced diet. The composition of this dietary plan is lower in total fat and saturated fat than the diet recommended for primary prevention of heart disease by the American Heart Association”.

Nutrition Professionals
Health & Wellness Professionals
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Consult your physician before starting any exercise or nutrition program!

Personal Training - Weight Management
Metabolism/Exercise Testing
RMR - VO2 assessments
Heart Rate Zones Training
Sports Specifics
Computerized Posture /Biomechanics Analysis
Gait Analysis - Sports Injuries
Pain Management
We at SAETHFITstrive to helping you in every step of the way to a healthier life by bringing you the best in science based testing, exercise, food regimen, and supplementation to address any deficiencies. We look forward to serving you and keeping you in good shape.

David Mitzner, D.O.

Dr Mitzner is In practice since 1992. He is board certified by the American Board of Family Medicine, and he actively participates in continuing education to stay abreast of new developments in medicine. Clinical Coordinator, Vintage Medical Group in Temecula, a bioidentical hormone replacement practice since 2003. A former competitive cyclist, Dr. Mitzner lives locally with his three children. More...

Randy Ice, P.T., C.C.S.

Director of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation at Rancho Physical Therapy. Currently, thirty-eight years of experience in Physical Therapy focusing specifically in the area of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation. Founder of the SCOR Cardiac Cyclists Club and organizer of bike rides throughout Southern California. Established Longevity Plus in 1996 to market and sell SPIZ, a nutritionally complete energy drink, and Kneesavers, a bicycle pedal extender that corrects biomechanical knee pain in cyclists.

Clinical Coordinator, Vintage Medical Group in Temecula, a bioidentical hormone replacement practice since 2003. More....

Felicia Briones-Coleman, M.D.

Dr. Briones opened her own Integrative Medicine practice in April 2008. She found conventional medicine too limiting in its approach to healing, often ignoring nutritional factors and mind-body issues that influence well-being. She strongly advocates for prevention of disease and treats patients with the most natural substances available. More....

Van Dao

Holistic Health & Skin Care Practitioner

" I grew up in a traditional family of teachers and healers in Vietnam. As an adult I encountered health and skin challenges of my own for which I successfully used the power of the holistic therapies of my traditions. More...

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