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New Leaf Health & Fitness specializes in assessing your fitness and metabolism to provide you with personalized exercise plans. When you take a New Leaf Active Metabolic Training™ assessment, a trained professional scientifically measures your heart rate and metabolism to determine your true heart rate zones and calories burned during exercise, including calories burned from fat. Then, based on your assessment results, your trainer develops a custom training program that helps you exercise at the right intensity — to improve your performance, increase fitness or lose weight. These personalized workouts are based on your measured heart rate zones, and they help you build and improve your fitness over time.

"I really like the New Leaf system … I like being able to see my progress over time, and it's great to be able to be retested periodically to see the changes in my fitness level. The workouts provided by New Leaf keep me focused and help me work out smarter, not necessarily harder. Forerunner is great for tracking my progress and providing me with a way to analyze my exercise routine. I am really looking forward to my next set of workouts."

~ Bryan, Forerunner 305 and New Leaf user

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