We at SAETHFIT strive to helping you in every step of the way to a healthier life by bringing you the best in science based testing, exercise, food regimen, and supplementation to address any deficiencies. We look forward to serving you and keeping you in good shape.


Weight Loss

With Active Metabolic Training, we are offering the finest individualized training and nutrition programs supported by proven medical grade fitness and sports technology.

Using the New Leaf Active Metabolic Training System we can:

A Ten Minute assessment that will change your life

1 - Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) Assessment

2 - Body CompositionTesting

3 - Nutrition (SmartNutrition)

4 - Exercise Metabolic (EMR) Assessment

Find your body balance

I.C.E  pain management and body balance

Our program helps you prevent injuries, by addressing, and correcting:

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Consult your physician before starting any exercise or nutrition program!
Metabolic Testing & Training
Weight Loss - Fitness - Performance - Wellness
Metabolism is the process of converting food to fuel for the body. Metabolic rate is the number of calories used to fuel the body. Therefore, your resting metabolism is the amount of energy your body uses at rest. Full article........

 SAETHFIT is a health and fitness business that has been around for over 20 years. SAETHFIT is a network group of knowledgeable health & fitness professionals.

The SAETHFIT website is powered by SMARTNUTRITION  The Internet’s leading online weight management consulting tool. And your FITTRAINER, the internet leading fitness consulting tool.

There are many online diet centers out there on the Internet today. Almost all of them are built to respond to you automatically based on your answers to a series of questions. Your response will place you into a profile category. Then an auto-responder will forward diets to you based on the category you fall under. A human being never even looks at your data and doesn’t hear you cry for help! That’s why SAETHFIT is so unique.

Each client’s profile is reviewed by a weight management, fitness expert. Then meal planning and even EXERCISE PROGRAMS are developed to meet your personal goals.

With a community of over 10,000 men and women SAETHFIT will help you lose weight the safe and natural way with a well-balanced weight management  program designed by our advisory team of doctors and nutrition experts.

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Weight Loss - Fitness - Performance - Wellness
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